About us: 

We always have dogs in our family (german shepards Cindy, Bred & Hyacintha, afghan hounds Jack & Freny - more about), loved them and hobby trained them that they became great family members. 
The real diving into the dog world, dog sports and passion for dogdancing came with border collie Rori (Aurora Piranha Rainy Love). We achived a lot of successes together - more information here. With Rori came also the decision to have our fist puppies, our litter A which we are completely proud of!  
Thank to my Rori I also became dogdancing trainer & judge for the competitions - if you would like to know more about me, you can click here
Now we are living in two different places, me (Daniela) in Germany near Hannover with border collie stud male Shadow (Gentleman Blue Magic Hamyfa) and waiting for the right female to be born to match to our family. We are training dogdancing, obedience and have a lot of fun together. My sister (Andrea) in Czech near Prague with aussie male Tony (Austin z Podhořanských kopců), Tony is a beloved family member and perfect older brother for the two kids of my sister.
What are our plans for the future? Follow us to figure it out :)