What an amazing competition which I had the possibilty to judge, wau! Try to imagine warm sun, clear blue Lago di Garda, super profi italian organizers, perfect judging colleagues and a great competitors! What more can judge wish ? :) This weekend was for me really AMAZING!

On Saturday competeted FS1 - 1st group, FS1 - 2nd group, quarteto, seniors, HTM1, trio and FUN classes. I had the opportunity to judge FS1 - 2nd group, quarteto, seniors, HTM1 and trio. What and original routines I saw there, wau. I was happy to see so many heelworks, which is quite new category in DDI and the level was really high, well done!


On Sunday we started with FS2, HTM2, FS3 and HTM3, there I was feeling like in heaven, so many profesionals in one ring, excellent! One of the competitor which really impressed me was Monika Ballerini, not only because of the great, precise routine,... she did a nice pose and the audience started to clap, unfortunatelly the DJ thought that this is the end of the routine, so he stopped the music, but there should be 1 minute of the routine more. So Monika decided to wait till the time the DJ find the music again and start from the moment where she was interrupt and we could judge the last 1 minute as well. I was amazed by the professionality and nice, patient behaviour of Monika, it is not easy situation and not everyone would react such a calm with all the grace.


After the judging I had the possibility to start in a FUN category, so I decided to try it with Shadow and Rori as well. Shadow was great, he loves the food which I could have with me, because of the FUN class, so he did everything really great with his typical shiny charisma. We got a really nice judging, about the graceful movements which Shadow has when he is walking or twisting, for the next time I have to improve myself to be more clear with signals, because sometimes he did not know what I wanted from him :)


Rori was sooo much happy to be after few months again in the big ring and she was so much looking forward to go there, that she completely twisted herself and she felt stress from this. We started and after few moves I recognized, that she is in stress, so I stopped the routine to calm her down a bit, oh my sweet Rori... :)


I would like to say thank you to all organisers, the CSEN team, you were really perfect. The same thank you is going as well for all of the competitors, all of you made a great job to let your dogs shine in the ring! And of course thank you to all my judging colleagues (Carmen Heriter, Cristine Szakacs, Petra Funk, Lusy Imbergerová, Franca Muggiana, Chiara Meccoli) for a great cooperation! Looking forward to see you all next time!

Pictures from the competition made by Paola Micheletti and from the Lago di Garda made by