Qualification, competition, exams (7.1.2017)

1st qualification for OEC, WCH, Novoroční pohár, dogdancing exams

What a busy day full of competitions and dogdancing exams in Prague and my dogs made me totally proud! With Rori we won all competitions which we entered, what an amazing feeling. My crazy girl made me so much happy.

We competeted in dogdancing competition Novoroční pohár in Heelwork to Music and then in both cathegories HTM, Freestyle on the 1st round of qualification for OEC and World Championship. She was all three routines completely focus, she enjoyed every moment. I could not express my hapiness to have a soul mate like Rori!

Our Freestyle video you can find HERE, our HTM video I will not publish yet, because I am still working on it to be ready for other competition :)


With Shadow I entered dogdancing exams - HTM1 and DWD1. He did really well :) Unfortunatelly in heel position, where he really has to focus, he disturbed himself with thinking about the posters and banners around, so I saw he is still with me, but with thoughts somewhere else, so it took us a bit more to make all necessary movements, so we didnt make our exam in the time limit. The second exam was completely different, also much easier, because there is important that the handler "dance", but Shadow was focused whole time and I really enjoyed our time in the ring :) We finished with full points, with the result "excellent".

The video you can find HERE.